If you have a home in the Elhovo area, are hoping to move here, or are visiting this lovely part of Bulgaria, you will find all you need to know on elhovonews.com
The Elhovo Area.

The town of Elhovo is situated 130 m above sea-level on the left bank of the Toundzha River. It is 339 km south-east of Sofia, 60 km and 37 km south of Sliven and Yambol, respectively, 30 km north-east of Topolovgrad, 94 km and 66 km south-west of Bourgas and Sredets, respectively.It is very well positioned between the most attractive coastal and mountain resorts in Bulgaria and extremely close to Turkey and its resorts. Elhovo is surrounded by the slanting slopes of the Manastir and Dervent Elevations and Stranja Mountain.Around 22,000 people live in the Elhovo municipality, including 14000 in the town of Elhovo and the municipality includes 22 villages. The average January temperature in the area is about 0 C, the average July temperature is about 23 C.
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